When Milton and Esther Freed opened the first Freed’s Bakery back in 1959, they had no idea it would become a third-generation, family-owned bakery and cake shop. But thanks to an adoring community and a dedicated family, Freed’s Bakery is still around to this day, serving up some of the best baked goods Las Vegas has to offer. Max Fried, current owner of Freed’s Bakery and grandson to Milton and Esther, says they owe it all to the community.

“The Las Vegas community really is the driving force behind our shop and the reason our family has been able to operate Freed’s for almost 60 years,” he shared. “For us, community means supporting each other whenever possible. We’re grateful that the people who come to Freed’s and support us want to take the time to share their experience and recommend us to their friends and families. It means a lot that Las Vegas has chosen us as a Neighborhood Favorite.”

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